Hailing out of Dallas, Texas is a sensational rap recording artist on the rise by the name of J Bert. J Bert originally gained popularity after releasing his debut project in February known as Vision (android download, iPhone download). Since releasing the project, Bert has not taken his foot off the gas and continues to build his legacy off hit songs from the project like Love Her and Stump It.

2019 has been a defining chapter thus far in his young musical career and Vision has been the foundation he has built his recent successes upon. Even more recently Bert acquired a collaborative deal with Bert Music Entertainment and has gained hype from their first collaborative project titled Love Her which is a mixtape song available online for free download.

Bert has been on a mission, to say the least; getting booked for events, working with music producers and video directors. Bert manages Bert Music the business sense and the drive to make his dreams a reality and with your support, you can become a part of true history in the making.